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John and Janet Brumby

John and Janet Brumby


Welcome to Prayer Warriors Organization International  (Australia).

We need to enter into God's global network and become part of His kingdom that has no end. 

For God has so loved us, He wants us to have everlasting life.

Our vision is to preach the salvation of God that is found in Jesus Christ our Lord to the ends of the earth. Jesus told His disciples to go out into the highways and by ways and compel them to come in.

The Internet is one giant super highway where we travel in obedience to God's word.

Please see our other Arke Ministries website for Daily Bible Readings and the Sequential Bible reading for the whole Bible.

Arke Ministries exists for this very purpose that people might know God's love and come to find Him in their lives.For our hope is in God who made the Heavens and the Earth and all that is in them. We need God in our lives more than anything else, for He is the only one who really cares for us.

So as you read these pages in our website, check out our ministry and from other pages.

You will find pages about our ministry, prayer, about us, an introduction, our vision, music, useful links. 

All about God, ministry, prayer, love, life, vision, music and promotion.

Since coming to Australia from England in !969  we have done many things including pastoring in a number of churches.

We also have run businesses that contained Christian books in then, acting like a drop in centre. 

We have supported ourselves in different ways as well my wife Janet being a teacher did a lot of casual teaching.

In my case I did lots of nursing being an RN.

These days we are retired (but we say retyred) because we run an internet ministry from home, we are also very much involved in God TV.

And now we are members of Rise Up Australia Party. Life gets busier eather than slower. So we do not believe in being idle in life or in the challenge of serving Jesus Christ all our days.

Jesus Christ is Lord - Jesus Christ is Love - Jesus Christ is our coming King.


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