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Prayer Warriors

Rainbow of Promise

This Prayer Warriors page is here to confirm that we need more than just a Prayer Warrior on their own but to have the combined prayers of other prayer warriors to fight the battle.

This is how we can go about being able to pray in a way that is more effective

One of the ways to enlist the help of other prayer warriors is to access good books on the subject such as one by Derek Prince a great prayer warrior from the past now gone to be with the Lord.

We should also spend a great deal more time reading the Scriptures, again and again, and again until they sink deep into our hearts and minds, then we will know how to take on Satan and what he is doing. Jesus defeated Satan by knowing the Word and answering Satan using it.

God has given us His Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth, we need to pay attention to what God is saying to us through His Sprit.
We need to allow God to give to us the right Spiritual gifts that will enpower us in the fight against sin, the world and the Devil.

The wonderful thing is that God is really ready to help us in everything we do through the Holy Spirit to gain victory over the works of evil bit by bit by bit.

The first thing that Satan will do is to get prayer warriors fighting prayer warriors over minor issues (that seem big to us), we need to quickly get these out of our minds because they are put there to destroy us from being effective in prayer. It is easy to find fault in others and if we are honest about ourselves we will see the many faults and imperfections that exist in ourselves. So we are to stay focused on fighting the enemy and what he is doing. So when we come to prayer let us forgive each other and really mean it, we even need to foregive ourselves as well and not dwell on our faults, because Satan will use them to tell us we are too bad for God to hear us.
So when we come to God to pray on the behalf of others or even for ourselves let us come with praise on our lips and in our hearts. Keep praising God and keep believing Him for the victory. Do not let stray texts come in that come from the Bible, because Satan used such texts to try to win Jesus over to him. Fill our hearts with love for God and for those we are praying for;
And as I have stated before  we need to come to Him honestly and in love for and with Him and let the Holy Spirit guide our prayers.
When we start to pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit, we will see our prayers being answered.
The amazing thing is we will enjoy praying when the Holy Spirit is guiding us, and it will be what He is bringing to us that will be the very things that we need for victory.

So our hearts and minds will become strong  rejoicing in the coming victoryand not  be dragged down into the pits of Hell.

So we come to God our Father through the precious blood of Jesus Christ and we claim with certainty the victory over Satan, we do not take account of how long it takes but press on firmly to the finish never giving ground to the evil one, and if we faulter we get up again and press home the victory in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Master whom we serve.
Shout out in the voice of victory and be not silent O my soul. Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness. Wow! we say that is a bit too much, no it is more than a bit too little if  we  do not do so .

So again as I said before the sooner we get rid of our demands and our unforegiveness the sooner we will flow in prayers that are answered.
The sooner we learn patience and to trust God out of love, then the easier we will find it even if we have to wait for the right time to see them answered.

Then let us start thanking God for all He has done for us and is going to do for us.

 Take time to be honest with God and hide nothing from Him, and realize that He really does love us and He is in there in the battle all the way.

The Victory is assured God is on our side if we press all the way to the end of the battle.

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