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Arke in Storm
Ark in the storm

Is there really a difference between intercessors and prayer warriors or are they really the same?

It seems to me that we are getting muddled by terminologies instead of seeing how the two fuse together as one.
A warrior is a person that is going to war against an enemy and learns to use different weopons in the battle, yet a lawyer
goes out there to battle for their client to intercede on their behalf.

So a prayer warrior uses different spiritual gifts including intercession and the Word of God on one side to battle against Satan and what he is doing and on the other side to plead to God to reveal Himself through the Holy Spirit and bring salvation to the one who really is the victim of Satan's terror and deception.

The Holy Spirit comes on our side to make intercession for us with groanings and utterances that we do not know or understand, yet they are effective to casting down of great strongholds.
But it is expected that we come in faith believing what God has said in His Word (the Word being our sword).
We seem to forget that while we are on this earth we are being tested and trained by God for service in Heaven.
Now as in any school we can either get on and learn all we can, or we can muck up and  fill our lives with other things.
God does not tempt us but He tests us for our obedience.

Therefore we need to come into obedience to what God is instructing us to do through the Holy Spirit, more often or not we go about doing it our way, and we see some success and lots of failure.

We need to take our eyes off what the Devil is doing and turn our eyes upon Jesus and follow in His footsteps by doing it the way He has shown us.

Fear of failure (used by Satan) often stops us from doing it God's way, as we focus on what we are and not on who God is.
Then again we may fear that God being so holy will not listen to the likes of us, but that is another lie straight from Satan.
Then I see people blaming God if there is a failure and not blaming themselves in that they did not believe God, when Satan is the one that was doing the destruction and not God.

Therefore we are to get up again and get on with the fight and not let Satan keep us in a state of feeling permantly defeated.
Yes Satan will also come at us to say that we are full of pride, and that what we are doing is out of a haughty and high minded spirit, and not of God.

But all the time Satan is decieving us into taking no action so that his victims are dragged into Hell with him.

It is quite clear that we are in a battle when we pray and intercede and as such we are both intercessors and prayer warriors at the same time.

Rainbow of Promise
The rainbow of God's promise after the storm.

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