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Tree in Sunset


Here is a prayer that all of us can make whether we have believed for a long time or we have not yet believed.

Dear heavenly Father I come in the name of Jesus Christ your only Son
My life is not what it should be and I come in repentence for all that is not right in my life
I look to your loving mercy to touch my life right now
I need your help to change me, I need your help to heal me.

Search out my heart and reveal the hidden sin that lies buried in my life
All that rebellion and unforegiveness that is destroying me
Change me Lord, change me Lord, change me Lord.
Make me to know your love, and to feel your love
Make me to love like you love.

Show me how to worship you in pure worship.
Teach me to walk in your steps
I come against you Satan in the almighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ
I cast you out of my life
I ask Lord to be filled with the Holy Spirit
So that I can walk in obedience, love, faith and hope.

I plead Lord in the precious blood of Jesus Christ for my whole family and my friends that they all may know your salvation.
Cause them all to seek from the bottom of their hearts to serve you all their days.
I pray for the government in my country to come to you to learn how to govern in righteousness.
For when righteouness flows in the nation there will be no poor or needy
For all will be cared for as though they were family.

Amen, Amen Amen.

John and Janet

Janet and John Brumby

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